The Final Car No.11


After a 12 year gap I bought this Jaguar XJ6, this was to be my final car that I would own, and a wonderful car to end with. My wife Jo and I travelled many miles in it, from our home in Felixstowe to Cornwall, North Wales and even as far as the Isle of Arran in Scotland. It was a delight to travel in over long distances, I always felt as fresh upon arrival as when we set off.



The 3.4 Litre straight-six power plant underneath the bonnet. I had the car resprayed soon after I bought it, and despite it’s age the only thing that every went wrong was the oil cooler sprung a leak, which was soon replaced. I had it for 5 wonderful years before scrapping it, it needed a lot of work to get it through the next MoT, it would have been worth doing if I was going to keep it, but having moved onto the boat it had to go.

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