Car No. 6


MKI Ford Escort 1700cc Lotus Twin Cam, the beast. The only additions to the car as purchased was the extra lights on the front and the installation of the close ratio gearbox that I had from the 1st MkII Cortina which turned out to be a very rare box, as fitted to the earliest Lotus Cortinas before they opted to using the 2000E Ford gearbox, and at that time was equivalent in gear ratios to what was then called a “Bullet” competition gearbox, otherwise this car came complete ready to rally. It had been taken from the production line and was seam welded, a fairly standard practice for cars intended for rallying or racing. All other modifications were fairly standard for a rally car, apart from the engine.


The Lotus Twincam engine was based on the 1500cc Ford engine, this one having been bored out to 1700cc and had received full race modification, and along with the gearbox, limited slip differential, wheels and tyres, produced 180BHP on a rolling road.

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